My Journey

I was born and raised on Riverside Drive, in New York City by two wonderful parents, Edith and Paul Rader. My father was an artist and surrounded me with artistic expression. I found my first love in the art of dance. I was fortunate in dancing with New York City Ballet and I trained at Juilliard where I was introduced to the rigors and deciplines of competitive dance.

An artistic break landed me in Miami and in the banking industry where I soon found myself searching for a creative outlet. I found creating jewelry and this talent required the solace of the mountains of Georgia where I now live. I might mention that I also enjoy time in the mysterious character land of Mississippi and New Orleans which also influences my work. As to the future of my art, I am presently narrowing my venues of art fairs and begining to get into the wonderful online market which is giving me more time to create.

Thank you for your support, interest and appreciation as I continue my Journey.