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First Rule: Refresh your Browser

Your Browser (Internet Explorer, Crome, Mozilla, etc.)

All different and all keep history and "cookies" that retain images and pages so that your sites downloads faster.

However, when we change pages the browser does not know it. There is a little circle on your address bar that refreshes the browser for the newest information.

Second Rule: All sites are different. We want you to be confortable browsing our site as posible.

Always remember, you can always go back using the left corner return button. This has been a difficult year in that we are changing all our formats to the latest mobile friendly applications. Our pages are programed to fit any device as the columns and the images narrow and become responsive.

Third Rule: Online sites have become very secure in transactions. We use PayPal which is one of the largest banks in the world. You do not have to have a PayPal account or PayPal Card. Look carefully and you will see the option to use any credit card. If you have a problem please call and we we have a variety of means of tranactions over the phone.

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