An important part of art...The Collector


The Collector is an important, integral part in the creation of great art. Without the incremental collection and preservation of the work it never meets the critical mass of the work as a whole.

I ask that you register as a "Collector of Elaine Rader's Work" so that my effort can be concentrated at some time in the future to create a retrospective and an art book so that I may project my work into the future.

I will ask for your help in these efforts in the future and I also ask that periodically you photograph your complete collection so that I will know what your interest and taste include and also for archival interest in the future. I will also have museum exhibitions in which I will ask you to loan your parts of your collection.

Many of you I know have significant collections, if you are a serious Collector and have collected my work in the past and you are interested in being a "Collector of Elaine Rader's Work" please contact me and send photographs of your collection and I will include you on all preview showing that will improve your collection.

Please write to me, Elaine Rader at


Thank you.